Weekend Workshops for Men and Women

Unisex WorkshopBusiness Etiquette Workshops for Men and Women

In house venue : Sanctuary Cove

[Dates on application]

Numbers are limited to 7 attendees.

Includes: 3 course gourmet meal with matching wines & a signed copy of one Business Etiquette ...achieving a competitive edge in business valued at $24.95

Set yourself apart from the crowd and impress your friends, colleagues and clients with your style and confidence.

Learn what to do, when to do it, and how to get it right the 'first time around' in a 5-hour comprehensive workshop hosted by Patsy Rowe.

Gain confidence and increase your bottom line by learning the correct way to:

The image you or your company projects can make the difference between winning, keeping or losing a client. In highly competitive markets, how you treat your customers, and how they perceive you is as important to your company's success as the quality or price of your products or services. Become more polished and self assured in this workshop.

If you want to be the best in your field, this workshop is a must. Enquire today.

The Little Book of Etiquette may also be of great benefit. It fits in your handbag or briefcase as a quick reference guide to help you navigate sticky or awkward situations.