You ARE Leaving Tuesday Aren't You?

You Are Leaving Tuesday Aren't youYou ARE Leaving Tuesday Aren't You

You’ve gotta laugh…
You may think you’ve heard it all before --- the domestic tribulations of setting the VCR, dealing with selectively-deaf tradesmen and trying to cope with self-invited house guests…but when it comes from the pen of the indefatigable and generally unflappable Patsy Rowe, it’s a giggle-a-minute look at life as a home handywoman, amateur veterinarian and hostess extraordinaire.

In these 27 breezy tales of life, Patsy, chardonnay in one hand, Ventolin in the other survives it all, from primadonna poodles and paranoid passengers to pre-natal lorikeets.

You ARE Leaving Tuesday Aren’t You? is a riotous collection of hilarious day-to-day antics which will have you chuckling in no time.

RRP - $14.95 Oxenford Press - available only from Patsy Rowe

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