No Sweat Not To Worry She'll Be Jake

No Sweat, Not to Worry, She'll Be JakeNo Sweat Not to Worry She'll Be Jake

When Patsy Rowe decided to build her first house she thought she could leave it all up to the builders - after all, they were the experts. However, the five months she spent as Site Supervisor on the house - a job she undertook because nobody else seemed to be doing it - were fraught with traumas, frustrations and confrontations.  She did sweat and she did worry because, inevitably, it was never Jake.

Her French hand-painted porcelain bathroom basin which had taken six months to clear customs, was split in half by an enthusiastic apprentice plumber; all the trees she'd carefully marked for lopping were left standing, while those she wanted to keep were cut down; an apprentice installed her spa - an apprentice furrier.

But Patsy took it all in her stride and never lost her sense of humour.  No Sweat Not to Worry She'll be Jake is a light-hearted and even affectionate look at the building industry.

RRP - $14.95 Oxenford Press - available only from Patsy Rowe

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If you want something done do it yourself, that's what Patsy did!

Her real life inspiration to write 'No Sweat Not To Worry She'll Be Jake'.

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