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So You're writing a book?

How will you get your manuscript published?

Patsy is able to guide you as to whether you are best to self publish or approach a publishing house. If you decide to self publish, Patsy has self-published three books and can guide you through the steps to successful publishing. If you prefer to approach a publishing house, she will guide you through the steps of presenting your manuscript and assist you with submission.

Your manuscript is published. What do you do from here?

If your book has been self- published, you now need to take up the reins to decide how to distribute and publicize it. If you are a member of professional organizations, service clubs or charities and feel you will sell through those or from your website or direct mail selling you still need to write a Media Release to let people know about you and generate interest.

If you have been published by a publishing house, their Publicity Department usually allocates a fixed time for publicity, for example, a week or two weeks, at the end of which if you wish continued sales for your book, you will  need to carry on generating publicity and identifying sales opportunities.

In either case, Patsy can help you design a sales and marketing plan and suggest distribution methods. You will need to generate publicity to push sales so she will help you to write a Media Release (or refer you to a publicist who will take over your publicity schedule). Patsy will also guide you as to the best methods of contacting organizations where you can speak or sell your books at their events.

What happens in the sessions?

You will send your manuscript or finished book to Patsy before the first session in time for her to read and assess it. This means she can be thinking beforehand of the best ways of either publishing it, or getting it into the sales pipeline. You will then meet and Patsy will outline  marketing strategies suited to you and your book. You will be provided with an action plan and ideas of where to go to from here. Patsy will be available for telephone or Skype conferences if distance prevents your from having personal one-on-one sessions.

How much is your investment?

The cost of your mentoring sessions will depend on how much help you need from Patsy.

For most most authors an initial session of 1½ hours for the first session is sufficient with one follow-up session of 1 hour.

Fee: $150 per hour